Faraday Technology, Inc. provides its government and commercial clients with applied electrochemical engineering technology development from bench-scale through pilot or pre-production levels. In support of its electrical mediation approach, Faraday also markets "first production" rectification equipment and effluent decontamination reactor hardware.

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Faraday Technology was founded in 1991 to develop and commercialize novel electrochemical technology. The company's core competency lies in the management of the innovation process from concept to pilot-scale. The company also manages the intellectual property assets developed from the application of the FARADAYIC® Process to provide its customers and strategic partners with strong, competitive advantage.

The company's location, just north of Dayton in Englewood, Ohio affords easy access to I-70 and the Dayton International Airport. The facilities – which were expanded in 2002 – are equipped with an electrochemical engineering and corrosion engineering research laboratory, as well as a large prototype manufacturing area. Faraday utilizes an in-house, small-scale machine shop for prototype fabrication requirements and also offers complete CAD design and controls engineering services.

Historically, manufacturing processes in numerous industries have been protected only by trade-secrets and know-how. However, in this increasingly competitive market, suppliers are in a unique position to influence a market's growth and to command a significant market share if they have patent protection. Faraday can work with you to develop that needed intellectual property.

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Commercial clients turn to Faraday not only when they need to outsource research and development activities, but also for pre-production scale-up and intellectual property protection. Clients are able to Beta-test novel manufacturing solutions at Faraday and then seamlessly deploy those solutions in their plants.

Faraday has received funding from a number of government agencies for basic technology development, and subsequently funding from a number of large and small commercial clients for technology demonstration and development specific to their needs. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, medical, power, and electronics.

Faraday Technology often partners with universities, thus enabling the company to supplement and bring to bear not only its own research findings but those of collaborators. Academic institutions that frequently team with Faraday include: Ohio University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of South Carolina.

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Dr. E. Jennings Taylor uniquely blends 40+ years entrepreneurial business experience with demonstrated skills in technology innovation and intellectual asset analysis. Prior to forming Faraday, Dr. Taylor held positions at Giner, Inc. as the Manager of Fuel Cell Research (1982-1985), and at Physical Sciences where he held numerous positions including the Manager of Electrochemical Technologies (1985-1991). In 1991, EJ left Boston to form Faraday Technology, Inc. He successfully secured start-up funding and from 1991-1997 served as the Principal Investigator on many of Faraday’s early research projects. In 1997, Dr. Taylor shifted his emphasis from research to strategic corporate direction and technology portfolio management. In order to facilitate the development of an intellectual property portfolio, he studied to become a Patent Agent and in February, 2003 was granted the status of registered agent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Dr. Taylor applies this skill to develop patent portfolios that can benefit potential customers. EJ is well recognized in both the professional and business community. He is co-chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for SURFIN/NASF, is a past Treasurer of the Electrochemical Society, and is a past Chair of the SBIR Advisory Board of the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Maria Inman is the Research Director at Faraday. Dr. Inman leads Faraday’s research and development function. In addition to providing day to day direction to the science and engineering staff at Faraday, Dr. Inman has served as Principal Investigator on millions of dollars worth of government and commercially-funded projects and serves as an integral member of Faraday’s internal strategic planning and IP management group. Dr. Inman has been on staff at Faraday for 22 of its 26 years in business.

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When you’re too busy to do it yourself, use Faraday as your manufacturing innovation department.


Beta test novel manufacturing solutions at Faraday and then seamlessly deploy them in your plant.


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