FARADAY TECHNOLOGY® Manufacturing Innovation Services
Unique in its approach, Faraday provides consulting services and customized, scalable solutions for specialized problems in edge and surface finishing, throughmask etching, industrial coatings, advanced electronic interconnects, monitoring and mitigation of corrosion, effluent recycle and recovery and power generation. Bring us your toughest problems, and we will find the best solution for you. We don’t deal with the ordinary, but with the extraordinary.

Faraday provides custom electrochemical surface finishing services for evaluation on a quotation basis. These services include electrodeposited MnCo coatings for SOFC interconnects, functional chromium coatings from a trivalent bath for wear applications, as well as electroetched and electropolished surfaces. Please contact Faraday for technical discussions and a quotation.

FARADAY TECHNOLOGY® Research Development and Engineering Services
We routinely utilize the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to support technology development in our areas of expertise. This enables us to bring the most innovative solutions to you, our customer. Faraday develops patent portfolios to protect our intellectual property.  We make this available to our customers, as a means of enhancing their competitive advantage.

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Rectifiers – Faraday works with many pulse rectifier manufacturers with capability for: high/low power, high voltage/low current, low voltage/high current, high voltage/high current, low voltage/low current. During its development activity, Faraday specs a number of rectifier manufacturer options suitable for the client's application.

FARADAYIC® ElectroCell – This plating apparatus has proven effective and superior to traditional plating methods, especially when applied to plating copper on printed circuit boards (PCB) with relatively fine features. Its robust control allows for uniform distribution even in small trenches and vias; it eliminates bubbles in the plating solution caused by air agitation; and it eliminates the need for potentially toxic chemistries when plating copper on PCBs. The first product has been delivered to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. For information on the ElectroCell, please contact EJ Taylor, Vice President, (937)836-7749.

FARADAYIC® Wafer Processing Tool – This wafer processing tool enables electrodeposition and/or controlled non-contact polishing of metals on semiconductor substrates, up to 300 mm in diameter. Features included in the tool allow the terminal effect to be minimized.

FARADAYIC® Coatings Evaluation System – This alternate immersion racking system allows controlled degradation of coated panels, following ASTM Standard G44. It allows for a large number of test panels to be subjected to a wet/dry cycle in environments of interest. Infra-red heat and UV light are available during the dry cycle.

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We don’t deal with the ordinary, but with the extraordinary.


Our patents strengthen the competitive advantage of our customers.


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