“For sustainable competitive advantage, an organization must continually develop innovative products and services coupled with innovative manufacturing processes. In order to innovate in a flat world based on a globally competitive economy, an organization must openly innovate.”  


Open Innovation in Context                                                                                                    

“Open innovation does not mean outsourcing R&D, nor does it mean 

closing down internal R&D ..... It is a strategy of finding and

bringing in new ideas that are complimentary to existing R&D projects.” 

Henry Chesbrough


“Research is the transformation of money into knowledge. Innovation is

the transformation of knowledge into money.” Geoffrey Nicholson, 3M


To paraphrase,

1. Discovery research is the process whereby private or government investment in

the form of dollars is used to generate knowledge.

2. Innovation is the process whereby knowledge is used to generate dollars in the



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FARADAY TECHNOLOGY® Open Innovation                                                                     

Faraday Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Physical Sciences Inc., focuses on electrochemical Research, Development & Engineering services related to aerospace, energy, environmental, manufacturing and medical markets. As a PSI company, Faraday is part of an organization of approximately 150 people, consisting of approximately 120 technical staff with approximately 90 holding PhD degrees. These technical degrees include physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering and biomedical engineering.


As a technology-based small business, Faraday embraces the concept of open innovation and plays an important role in the innovation ecosystem (White Paper).  Faraday works with its’ strategic partners to move technology from 1) Proof of Concept/Laboratory Feasibility conducted in Faraday’s laboratory facilities through 2) a-Scale Prototype Demonstration of Manufacturing and Engineering Readiness in Faraday prototype facilities to 3) b-Scale Validation at Faraday’s strategic partner’s facility.


For competitive advantage, Faraday’s background intellectual property (IP) as well as improved embodiments is aligned with the technology development trajectory. The strategic partner may secure the desired competitive advantage associated with the IP as an exclusive or non-exclusive field of use license or via patent asset acquisition. In addition, Faraday also conducts research for hire activities.


For a list of current Faraday patents, please follow the link below.


Current Faraday Patents


For a list of current Physical Sciences Inc. patents, please follow the link below.


Current Physical Sciences Inc. Patents


To discuss strategic partnership opportunities, please contact Dr. E. Jennings Taylor at



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